Time magazine font

I have to brag about my great grandfather getting into my last semester’s Art and Scope. I did this on my (too much) free time in September as a birthday gift for my dad. The hardest part of this design was inserting the TIME logo, and here is the reason why.

After almost 90 years of being in use, the font is the copyrighted font Wellsbrook Initials SG Heavy, meaning it costs $39 to download. There was no way I’m paying that much money for a font that I will only use once in my life, so what I did was I took a picture of the logo and deleted the white space.



Bodoni vs. Onyx

In honor of being a Nirvana fan for 10 years, I decided to do a blog on the font. I know the PDF about Bodoni on ANGEL has the Nirvana logo as Bodoni, but it really is Onyx. I found this out when I was a teenager when trying to find the font for it. The difference between Onyx and Bodoni is that Onyx’s letters are tracked closer to each other. It does raise the question if the Nirvana logo started out as Bodoni artificially tracked closer, and after seeing the logo, someone made the font to be like that. I also use Onyx for my personal logo.

Rio 2016

As I was watching the closing ceremony of the London Olympics this summer, I decided to do research on where the next summer games will be in Rio. On Rio 2016’s website, it explained how the designers created the font. The font was to mimic the athletes’ movements, sightings around Rio and the feeling of the Brazilian people’s spirits.

Rio 2016 font