Classic font sitings!

As I was was studying for finals, I noticed the pen I am using has a classic font we learned about in class. This one is definitely Adobe Garamond. I recognized it due to the sloping tail on the “R.”


This next classic font I spotted is Futura due to the pointy san serif type! This is one of my favorite fonts. It is clean, geometrical, and modern. This picture is my laptop case!

I spotted another font when flipping through a Neiman Marcus catalog. This font looks just like Bodoni! The only letter that looks different to me is the “t,” but the designer could have made adjustments. This font is beautiful, and definitely works best in a large size because of the thin hairline strokes.



New Font–Fashion Victim

This is a new font I discovered. It was my job to create a poster for Student Fashion Society’s winter fashion show but I wasn’t sure which font to use. I normally wouldn’t use any fonts other than classic, well known and easy to read fonts. However, I wanted to incorporate a fun font to coordinate with the theme.

Here is the poster I created using the font Fashion Victim!

What do you think? Does this work for you?


I got my blood drawn over break and as I was leaving I noticed a certain letter that stood out to me on the back of the door. It was the “Q” that I recognized and I knew that it was no font other than Baskerville!!!

Skype Logo Typeface

This logo incorporates a font we know but you may not have recognized it due to the rounded edges. This is Helvetica Rounded Bold and it creates the bubbly image of the skype logo. There is no kerning between the letters because they are touching, but I think the font creates successful positive and negative spaces, which draws in my eye.


The logo we look at too often–Facebook!




Most of us probably stare at this logo too many times in one day. But what is the typeface that makes up this logo?
It appears to be Klavika OT, which is a new typeface introduced to me. This is in a very bold version and I think it is a successful logo. It is a clean typeface that contrasts against the blue background. Klavika helps the facebook logo appear minimal yet recognizable!