I have gotten an offer to design a logo for a wine and liquor store opening up where I live at home. They are calling the store Brix Wine and Liquor. Over Thanksgiving break I gave them a variety of logos to choose from and they are still indecisive. I found that they liked serif font for some designs, and sans serif for others. I think both give a very different feel, which is why I did a type study, to figure out which typefaces fit the image they were looking for. They have narrowed their options down to a few different logos all with different fonts. These are the finalist logos:

logos 1



I’ve been working on my online portfolio lately as I am about to start interviewing for jobs and internships. I designed my personal logo with the font Criticized and played around with the e’s to make it unique because I have so many in my name. The rest of my website I used Trebuchet MS Bold, and all lower case to go along with my logo. I tried to find another round, simple, sans serif font that would be on most computers so that it would be viewed the way I want it to look. This is what I have so far on my website:

Here is my personal logo:Image


Using my camera a lot over the holiday got me to thinking what font Nikon uses for their logo. It is very clean cut, and bold logo without any extra detail. I found that Arial Bold Italic is probably the closest thing I could find except that the dot over i is an oval in the logo and a skewed square in Arial bold italic. That is just an easy adjustment that the creators made.

Helvetica- Spotted everywhere

I was booking my flights for spring break when I realized the font used on the website as well as in their logo is Helvetica. American Airlines has a simple, clean cut logo, which Helvetica is perfect for in that case.

For simplicity with logo design it is often better to go with a simple sans serif typeface. That is why it is such a popular typeface when it comes to logo design.

I started noticing it more and more, like on my North Face jacket and decided to do a little research to see where else I most likely see it everyday, without notice. Here are 40 common logos using Helvetica: