I am a huge supporter of non profit organizations and charities, makes it easier to learn about non profit organizations and I could find interesting shirts and designs supporting the group.



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The designs are mainly typographic and I feel they are a new way of using typography.


Tumblr logo

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It’s finals time, and what is better than procrastinating? Tumblr is my major outlet for procrastinating. I am on this site all the time and decided I should figure out the font for the logo.


I found that the font used for the Tumblr logo, Bookman Old Style.

I love that the typeface is very old, but in the logo, it looks so new.

New Font–Fashion Victim

This is a new font I discovered. It was my job to create a poster for Student Fashion Society’s winter fashion show but I wasn’t sure which font to use. I normally wouldn’t use any fonts other than classic, well known and easy to read fonts. However, I wanted to incorporate a fun font to coordinate with the theme.

Here is the poster I created using the font Fashion Victim!

What do you think? Does this work for you?

The Mac Font

We use Mac computers during class, and many of us have a personal mac computer as well. The font that Mac uses is Lucida Grande. For labels, and small text it is usually used in a 10 pt setting. Windows uses a very similar font, Lucida Sans. The main difference between these two is that Lucida Grande contains a much larger variety of glyphs.

Lucida Grande:



Lucida Sans:



I’m sure everyone has seen the movie Titanic at least once. The font that is used for Titanic is Trajan Bold. Trajan was designed by Carol Twombly in 1989 for Adobe, she designed the font with punctuation and numbers and then added a bold style.


Trajan is an all caps font. In 2001 Trajan Pro came out, and with it came ‘lower case’ letters in the form of small caps.  Trajan is a very popular font among books and colleges. It was the typeface for promotional posters for Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events and it is the typeface for The University of Maryland, SUNY Albany, Colombia University and many others. Many political campaigns have also chosen Trajan for their font, including in Canada and Australia





I was shopping at Crossgates Mall a couple weeks ago and there was this new store that I had never even heard of before, and the font they used in their logo is very interesting but I like it. So upon doing some research, which there was almost nothing, I did find out a few things about the font and the logo used and who did design it.

The font used is called “carhartt”, no information besides that I found. But the logo was designed by Work in Progress. The logo represents the growth of the Carhartt brand from American Workwear to International Streetwear.

Graphique Pro

I’ve been using Netflix for a while now and it was bothering me what font it was, so I did some research and turns out it is Graphique Pro.


About this font family

Graphique was originally created by Swiss designer Hermann Eidenbenz in 1945, and issued as hot metal font by Haas’sche Schriftgießerei, Switzerland.

German type designer Ralph M. Unger digitally remastered and expanded the typeface for profonts, and the digital OTF Pro version comprises of more than 400 characters including the complete Latin and Cyrillic glyph sets.

Graphique Pro is a Caps-only font as outline shadow, very narrow, very economic, and thus, ideally suited for headlines, posters, signs, CD-covers, book titles and a lot more.

Other info

  • Designers: Hermann Eidenbenz,Ralph M. Unger
  • Design date: 2008
  • Publisher: profonts