I have gotten an offer to design a logo for a wine and liquor store opening up where I live at home. They are calling the store Brix Wine and Liquor. Over Thanksgiving break I gave them a variety of logos to choose from and they are still indecisive. I found that they liked serif font for some designs, and sans serif for others. I think both give a very different feel, which is why I did a type study, to figure out which typefaces fit the image they were looking for. They have narrowed their options down to a few different logos all with different fonts. These are the finalist logos:

logos 1



I’ve been working on my online portfolio lately as I am about to start interviewing for jobs and internships. I designed my personal logo with the font Criticized and played around with the e’s to make it unique because I have so many in my name. The rest of my website I used Trebuchet MS Bold, and all lower case to go along with my logo. I tried to find another round, simple, sans serif font that would be on most computers so that it would be viewed the way I want it to look. This is what I have so far on my website:

Here is my personal logo:Image

TWLOHA uses Advant Garde Gothic Bold and Alternate letters

full  Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 2.10.53 PM


Upon my search for charities for me to donate to this holiday season, I realized that some of the letters in the logo were familiar. After searching, I realized that there were regular letters and alternate letters/glyphs of Advant Garde  Gothic Bold.


Mentalist posters on campus

I keep seeing these posters around campus and I was super happy to realize that they use quicksand. Quicksand is round and delicate. When bold, the roundness is emphasized.


Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss books have their own special fonts that you can download and i thought it was interesting to see how our childhood boks have their own specific look at feel that we can always relate too.

Doctor Soos




Grinched Too


Dr. Eve L


Dr. Seuss



here is a great site to show the difference between the fonts AND why they use them to help children read !


Using my camera a lot over the holiday got me to thinking what font Nikon uses for their logo. It is very clean cut, and bold logo without any extra detail. I found that Arial Bold Italic is probably the closest thing I could find except that the dot over i is an oval in the logo and a skewed square in Arial bold italic. That is just an easy adjustment that the creators made.

International Typography

Here are some examples I found of typography from other countries and in other languages. I think it’s interesting to compare the similarities; like, good composition is good composition wherever you go? It’s also cool to look at how the shapes of the characters or accents change the composition in typography using other alphabets.

(French typography)

(Latin sans serif alphabet with accents)


(Russian typography)

(Written Simplified Chinese)

(Korean hongul font.)

(This is actually Sanskrit, not just a random squiggle.)


(Thai script)



I will admit that I am jealous of languages with pictograph/character-based alphabets (like Chinese)–I feel like they have a great time designing with such graphically-based words.