I am a huge supporter of non profit organizations and charities, makes it easier to learn about non profit organizations and I could find interesting shirts and designs supporting the group.



Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 3.14.44 PM


The designs are mainly typographic and I feel they are a new way of using typography.


Tumblr logo

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 2.06.01 PM

It’s finals time, and what is better than procrastinating? Tumblr is my major outlet for procrastinating. I am on this site all the time and decided I should figure out the font for the logo.


I found that the font used for the Tumblr logo, Bookman Old Style.

I love that the typeface is very old, but in the logo, it looks so new.

TWLOHA uses Advant Garde Gothic Bold and Alternate letters

full  Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 2.10.53 PM


Upon my search for charities for me to donate to this holiday season, I realized that some of the letters in the logo were familiar. After searching, I realized that there were regular letters and alternate letters/glyphs of Advant Garde  Gothic Bold.


Siting of Franklin Gothic

MoMA New York

The MOMA is not only one of my favorite places to go, but I am also a member. As I was cleaning out my wallet this morning, I realized that I had seen the font before.




Mentalist posters on campus

I keep seeing these posters around campus and I was super happy to realize that they use quicksand. Quicksand is round and delicate. When bold, the roundness is emphasized.


Type Sighting!: Law and Order SVU

In one of the episodes, I noticed a familiar font…. Book Antiqua. The lowercase t was a dead give away.