New Font–Fashion Victim

This is a new font I discovered. It was my job to create a poster for Student Fashion Society’s winter fashion show but I wasn’t sure which font to use. I normally wouldn’t use any fonts other than classic, well known and easy to read fonts. However, I wanted to incorporate a fun font to coordinate with the theme.

Here is the poster I created using the font Fashion Victim!

What do you think? Does this work for you?


Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss books have their own special fonts that you can download and i thought it was interesting to see how our childhood boks have their own specific look at feel that we can always relate too.

Doctor Soos




Grinched Too


Dr. Eve L


Dr. Seuss



here is a great site to show the difference between the fonts AND why they use them to help children read !


Using my camera a lot over the holiday got me to thinking what font Nikon uses for their logo. It is very clean cut, and bold logo without any extra detail. I found that Arial Bold Italic is probably the closest thing I could find except that the dot over i is an oval in the logo and a skewed square in Arial bold italic. That is just an easy adjustment that the creators made.

The Mac Font

We use Mac computers during class, and many of us have a personal mac computer as well. The font that Mac uses is Lucida Grande. For labels, and small text it is usually used in a 10 pt setting. Windows uses a very similar font, Lucida Sans. The main difference between these two is that Lucida Grande contains a much larger variety of glyphs.

Lucida Grande:



Lucida Sans:


International Typography

Here are some examples I found of typography from other countries and in other languages. I think it’s interesting to compare the similarities; like, good composition is good composition wherever you go? It’s also cool to look at how the shapes of the characters or accents change the composition in typography using other alphabets.

(French typography)

(Latin sans serif alphabet with accents)


(Russian typography)

(Written Simplified Chinese)

(Korean hongul font.)

(This is actually Sanskrit, not just a random squiggle.)


(Thai script)



I will admit that I am jealous of languages with pictograph/character-based alphabets (like Chinese)–I feel like they have a great time designing with such graphically-based words.


I’m sure everyone has seen the movie Titanic at least once. The font that is used for Titanic is Trajan Bold. Trajan was designed by Carol Twombly in 1989 for Adobe, she designed the font with punctuation and numbers and then added a bold style.


Trajan is an all caps font. In 2001 Trajan Pro came out, and with it came ‘lower case’ letters in the form of small caps.  Trajan is a very popular font among books and colleges. It was the typeface for promotional posters for Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events and it is the typeface for The University of Maryland, SUNY Albany, Colombia University and many others. Many political campaigns have also chosen Trajan for their font, including in Canada and Australia




Harry Potter Font

Since I started reading Harry Potter in 3rd grade, I’ve never once thought about what the actual typeface is. I know that the title font was created specifically for the books, but the actual type used in the books is Adobe Garamond 12pt.