Bought a new bottle of rum and I was interested in what font the company used, turns out it is Cheltenham.

Background info on Cheltenham:

– display typeface
– designed in 1896
– by architect Bertram Goodhue and Ingalls Kimball

The original drawings were known as Boston Old Style and were made about 14″ high. Cheltenham is not based on a single historical model, and shows influences of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Part of the face’s huge popularity is because, as it has elements of both an old style and transitional face, a Cheltenham headline complements virtually any body type


Skype Logo Typeface

This logo incorporates a font we know but you may not have recognized it due to the rounded edges. This is Helvetica Rounded Bold and it creates the bubbly image of the skype logo. There is no kerning between the letters because they are touching, but I think the font creates successful positive and negative spaces, which draws in my eye.


The logo we look at too often–Facebook!




Most of us probably stare at this logo too many times in one day. But what is the typeface that makes up this logo?
It appears to be Klavika OT, which is a new typeface introduced to me. This is in a very bold version and I think it is a successful logo. It is a clean typeface that contrasts against the blue background. Klavika helps the facebook logo appear minimal yet recognizable!

Type Sighting!: Law and Order SVU

In one of the episodes, I noticed a familiar font…. Book Antiqua. The lowercase t was a dead give away.



All of it is Rockwell except for the S in SUNY! what is that S??
Help Me Out 🙂

Belwe bold used in Patagonia logo

A catalog arrived in the mail with this logo at the bottom of a photo of mountain climbers.
I liked the strengthof this simple logo, its character depending on the typeface. I think the
lowercase “g” has lots of personality.The typeface is Belwe Bold. I used to
check it. describes it as follows: Designed by George Belwe for Schelter & Giesecke
in Dresden, Belwe is one of the first typefaces to show the elements of the style we have classified
as Kuenstler. Deliberately unusual proportions and detailing break with traditional rhythm
hint at blackletter connections.

Patagonia is a California based high-end outdoor clothing company. The name comes from a
region of southern South America that is known for its incredible landscapes of mountains
and ocean.