Sex (Didot) and the City


At first glance the font used looks a lot like Bodoni, but it is actually Didot.

About this font family

The Didot family were active as designers for about 100 years in the 18th and 19th centuries. They were printers, publishers, typeface designers, inventors and intellectuals. Around 1800 the Didot family owned the most important print shop and font foundry in France. Pierre Didot, the printer, published a document with the typefaces of his brother, Firmin Didot, the typeface designer. The strong clear forms of this alphabet display objective, rational characteristics and are representative of the time and philosophy of the Enlightenment. Adrian Frutiger’s Didot is a sensitive interpretation of the French Modern Face Didot. Another model for this design is the Henriade, an historical printing of the original Didot from 1818. The font Didot gives text a classic and elegant feel.


Classic font sitings!

As I was was studying for finals, I noticed the pen I am using has a classic font we learned about in class. This one is definitely Adobe Garamond. I recognized it due to the sloping tail on the “R.”


This next classic font I spotted is Futura due to the pointy san serif type! This is one of my favorite fonts. It is clean, geometrical, and modern. This picture is my laptop case!

I spotted another font when flipping through a Neiman Marcus catalog. This font looks just like Bodoni! The only letter that looks different to me is the “t,” but the designer could have made adjustments. This font is beautiful, and definitely works best in a large size because of the thin hairline strokes.



I have gotten an offer to design a logo for a wine and liquor store opening up where I live at home. They are calling the store Brix Wine and Liquor. Over Thanksgiving break I gave them a variety of logos to choose from and they are still indecisive. I found that they liked serif font for some designs, and sans serif for others. I think both give a very different feel, which is why I did a type study, to figure out which typefaces fit the image they were looking for. They have narrowed their options down to a few different logos all with different fonts. These are the finalist logos:

logos 1


I’ve been working on my online portfolio lately as I am about to start interviewing for jobs and internships. I designed my personal logo with the font Criticized and played around with the e’s to make it unique because I have so many in my name. The rest of my website I used Trebuchet MS Bold, and all lower case to go along with my logo. I tried to find another round, simple, sans serif font that would be on most computers so that it would be viewed the way I want it to look. This is what I have so far on my website:

Here is my personal logo:Image

Time magazine font

I have to brag about my great grandfather getting into my last semester’s Art and Scope. I did this on my (too much) free time in September as a birthday gift for my dad. The hardest part of this design was inserting the TIME logo, and here is the reason why.

After almost 90 years of being in use, the font is the copyrighted font Wellsbrook Initials SG Heavy, meaning it costs $39 to download. There was no way I’m paying that much money for a font that I will only use once in my life, so what I did was I took a picture of the logo and deleted the white space.



I am a huge supporter of non profit organizations and charities, makes it easier to learn about non profit organizations and I could find interesting shirts and designs supporting the group.



Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 3.14.44 PM


The designs are mainly typographic and I feel they are a new way of using typography.

Tumblr logo

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 2.06.01 PM

It’s finals time, and what is better than procrastinating? Tumblr is my major outlet for procrastinating. I am on this site all the time and decided I should figure out the font for the logo.


I found that the font used for the Tumblr logo, Bookman Old Style.

I love that the typeface is very old, but in the logo, it looks so new.